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65Amps Colour Face


65Amps Colour Face

The Colour Face by 65amps is a fantastic evolution of another favorite pedal from the 1960s; the Fuzz Face circuits made famous by Jimi Hendrix and many others. Recreating the Holy Grail tones of '60s and '70s Germanium pedals but with enhancements derived from 65amps diligent, decade-long research into components, build quality, and endless pursuit of improvement.

The Colour Face will surprise you with its modern attention to build quality, noise floors and sensitivity all the while delivering the classic sounds you've sought for decades. The Colour Face offers two distinct modes - "Stock" and "Mod". The classic Fuzz Face circuit is in many cases too wild and gainy for modern high-output pickups and higher gain amps, but 65 has made the natural adjustment in the "Mod" mode so that modern players with modern gear can enjoy the fantastic voice of this classic circuit. Now the once "too wild" Fuzz Face circuit can be tamed for modern use and enjoyed to the fullest.

There's no better way to the heavy British rock sound of the late '60s and early '70s that is so hard to nail. The Colour Face hits it perfectly.

Made with Premium Germaniun Transistors and amp parts, not pedal parts, the Colour Face is a step forward in the modernization and improvement of classic designs. The utilization of amp parts used in all 65amps instead of pedal parts add elements of tone, dynamics and quality that makes the Colour Face a typically overbuilt 65 product.

  • 2 x Premium Germanium Transistors
  • Coupling Caps: SoZo
  • Resistors: Allen Bradley Carbon Comps and Vishay Dale Metal Films
  • Controls:
    • 2-way "Stock/Mod" switch to adjust global gain level
    • "Level" knob that adjusts the output of the Germanium Transistors
    • "Fuzz" knob that adjusts the level of distortion in the circuit
    • Input
    • Ouput
    • Power in 9VDC
    • Internal 9VDC Battery (non Alkaline battery preferred)
    • External 9VDC direct (Germanium is reverse polarity is not happy in a series "chain" power supply)