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ADA Definition Preamp/Boost


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ADA Definition Preamp/Boost

The ADA DEFINITION sets new standards for recording and performance.

The ADA DEFINITION Preamp is designed to dramatically improve the sound of guitar and bass pickups. The DEFINITION allows all magnetic pickups to produce their full dynamic and frequency capabilities without introducing compression, noise or distortion. The DEFINITION is absolutely transparent, giving the player greater control and expression over the delicate, complex signals that magnetic pickups are inherently capable of outputting, but are often limited, distorted or dampened by other preamps, pedals or amplifiers. The DEFINITION is made to be used as the first connection between your instrument and the rest of your signal path. All pedals and effects will sound better, and long cables will no longer muffle or attenuate your signal.


The DEFINITION is the perfect tool for recording guitar tracks, and is invaluable for reamping. It delivers the pure natural sound of the pickups, their full bandwidth, and without any phase shift, compression or equalization.


The DEFINITION is an absolutely transparent BOOST and ideal for overdriving all-tube amplifiers. It allows tubes to create all the distortion, compression and harmonics, rather than injecting any solid-state generated distortion. (This effectively adds another distortion stage to your signal by turning the first stage of your tube amp, normally the amplifying stage, into a distortion stage.) The foot switch activated BOOST, of up to +16 dB, is the ultimate control needed for tube tone from clean to full saturation.


For clean tones, there is nothing better than the DEFINITION for achieving clarity and responsive articulation.


The quality and performance that the DEFINITION delivers is accomplished by its unique design which includes a very high input impedance of 3 megohms (3 to 6 times greater than other “high impedance” inputs), low capacitance input, ultra lownoise transistors and FETs, a very low output impedance capable and a flat frequency response from 20 Hz to 40 kHz +/- 0.1dB. The DEFINITION runs on 9 to 18 volts DC.

Housed in an all-steel enclosure (the same size as the ubiquitous Bud or Hammond die-cast case) for better shielding, using high performance, hand-selected, superior quality components, the DEFINITION is designed and built in California with a one-year warranty.

Basic features:

  • Industrial grade all-steel enclosure for better shielding
  • Hand-selected low-noise FETs and transistors (no op-amps)
  • Superior grade passive components
  • High quality, thick glass-epoxy circuit boards
  • Low IM and transient distortion from having only one negative feedback path and no differential pair input stages
  • Absolutely silent switching to the BOOST mode
  • Each unit is fully tested to specification and burned-in for reliability
  • Designed and built in California
  • One year parts and labor warranty by the manufacturer

The DEFINITION runs on 9 volts to 18 volts DC, with 12 or more volts recommended for bass pickups. The DEFINITION can be powered from one or two external 9V batteries or a high- quality pedal board supply. Do not use unregulated, low-cost AC adapters.