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Analog Man Big T Telecaster Pickup Set

Analog Man

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Analog Man Big T Telecaster Pickup Set

The normal neck pickup in a Telecaster is just not that great... Leo originally thought it would be used to play bass lines, so all Teles up till the late 60s had an odd switch set up : the forward position ran just the neck pickup with a preset BASSY sound. Almost everyone rewires the switch so you can use the neck pickup normally, with normal tone control. But the neck pickup does not match the wonderful bridge pickup for output or clarity. Many players (KEEF!) carved up their old Teles and mounted a humbucking pickup in the neck position, but that's no longer needed with the BIG-T.

Jim came up with this pickup so he could use it for rhythm and leads on his world tours with The Band, and with his solo projects and numerous recording gigs. We finally decided to make it available, so we talked to Lindy Fralin about producing them for us. Lindy made a bunch of prototypes based on Jim's custom pickup and we finally got one that may be even BETTER!


  1. Strong output, matches any stock or aftermarket Tele bridge pickup
  2. Higher output but WITHOUT the darker tone that comes from simply overwinding a pickup.
  3. Tone is very well balanced, warm and deep, but keeps high end and string separation intact.
  4. Comes with 3 wires, so you can match polarity and ground with any bridge pickup. Also allows easy installation of a Tele four-way switch, so you can select both pickups in parallel or series.
  5. Looks like a normal Tele pickup from the top, great for your vintage Tele to keep it looking like it should!
  6. Personally hand-wound by Lindy Fralin, the master, himself.

I have been asked technical questions like What is the resistance of the pickup? The BIG T pickup was designed to work with any normal type bridge pickup, even a hotter one. The ohms don't mean that much - the wire type, number of turns, magnet type, and magnet strength all work together to make it sound like it does. It's not a just normal Tele pickup that's over-wound to make it stronger, winding too much will take away the chime. Only the black fiber bobbin and nickle plated cover are shared with a stock Fender pickup.

In the summer of 2013 we came out with a matching bridge pickup, just like Jim's original '52. Available as a set for a discounted price.

HUM CANCELING! It's possible to have hum canceling even with true single coil pickups, which are necessary for the true Telecaster sound. Using the middle position (both pickups) with one of the pickups wound backwards and with reverse magnetism will cause the pair to work like a humbucker and the hum is gone. So we wound our new Bridge pickup for hum canceling operation when both are used. When just one pickup is used, there is no difference caused by the magnetism. Neck is South Up, and bridge is South Down. See the BIG-T bridge pickup item for more info.

One black wire (the one that attaches to the middle of the pickup, to the pickup cover) is always ground. Attach that wire to the body of a pot on your guitar.

Normally the white wire is hot (to the switch) and the other black wire going to the pickup coil is connected to ground. But if the pickup is out of phase with the bridge (or if you want to MAKE it our of phase to kill hum), reverse those two (non ground) wires.

5-Way Super Switch option

If you use both of our BIG-T pickups, you can use a 5-way SUPER SWITCH to get the three normal Tele sounds (with hum-canceling middle position) plus two new useful tones. The 2nd position (closest to bridge) is a thin Strat-like tone. The 4th position is both pickups in series for a loud humbucking sound. You can find wiring info on the TECHNICAL SPECS tab above.

The bridge pickup is the same for left and right-handed as the poles are flat.