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Aphex Xciter


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Aphex Xciter

Studio Quality Tone Enhancement for Guitar & Bass

Take the power of Aphex’s legendary Aural Exciter® and Big Bottom® technologies to the stage. This is the only pedal that will help your guitar, bass and your other pedals sound better. We’ve taken the legend of the Aphex Aural Exciter and Big Bottom and placed it firmly at your feet. Aphex Xciter pedals are designed to deliver the sonic enhancement the Aural Exciter and Big Bottom are famous for, taking it out of the studio and onto the stage. The Xciter pedal brings out the character and nuance of your instrument without adding volume and distortion.

The Acoustic Guitar Xciter setting is designed for any acoustic instrument with active or passive pickups. Voicing is clean and open, articulation is clear and crisp, and musicality is dramatically improved.

The Bass Guitar Xciter setting is ideal for any electric or acoustic/electric bass with piezo or magnetic pickups, whether active or passive. Deep tones ring truer, tone is more sustained, slaps and pops cut through without overpowering.

The Electric Guitar Xciter setting is designed with electric guitar in mind, and works with any axe outfitted with magnetic coil pickups. It increases tonal range and expression, whether running clean or overdriven, adding power and attack without increasing output level.

If you don’t play guitar or bass, you can still get all the Xciter’s tonal benefits for other electric instruments. The continuous harmonics control allows you to dial in and customize your tone.

Designed for musicians to easily dial in attack, spaciousness, depth and detail, the Xciter breathes life into your tone by enhancing musical harmonics. Presence is increased creating the feeling of a wider, more spacious sound. Bass frequencies are richer, deeper and more articulate and the emotional impact of your instrument’s tone and your other pedals are highlighted. The Xciter pedal brings out the character and nuance of your guitar or bass without adding volume and distortion. So whatever you play, the Xciter pedal’s controls will allow you to get the best tone out of your instrument. And Aphex’s extreme die-cast structural design and materials will let you focus on your playing, not your pedal.

  • Increased Presence and Clarity
  • Greater Perceived Loudness
  • Improved Detail
  • Deeper, More Resonant Bass
  • Little or No Increase in Peak Output
  • Tighter Bass Articulation
  • Extended Low Frequencies