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Audiotech ABY MKII


 The Audiotech ABY Selector MKII lets you route one input to either of two outputs or either of two inputs to one output. Perfect for switching between two amplifiers or use for switching between two guitars. (i.e.: keeping one guitar on standby) The Audiotech ABY Selector MKII will also allow you to use channels "A" and "B" together simultaneously as a splitter.

Letting you combine two amplifiers for a deeper more layered sound. Great for use onstage or in the studio.

ABY Selector MKII Features and benefits:

  • Can combine both channels to be used as a splitter for a deeper more layered sound.
  • Can be used as a one-input either of two-output device or as an either of two-input one-output device.
  • Heavy duty all metal "stomp switches" controlling the selection of either channels "A", "B" or "Y".
  • Large red LED's to indicate active channels on a dark stage or dimly lit studio.
  • Can be powered by any standard 9V battery. Easily installed.
  • Use to switch one guitar between two amplifiers or two guitars into one amplifier and combine.
  • Use individual channel to switch over to a tuner for silent tuning while onstage or in the studio.
  • Use as an audio mute for silent guitar exchanges. (i.e.: unplugging and plugging in different guitars, string changes between sets, etc.)
  • Can be used to switch either low level audio instrument signals -40 db (pedals) and/or line level +4 db (rack processor) audio signals.