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Bigfoot Engineering Trouble Booster

Bigfoot Engineering

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Bigfoot Engineering Trouble Booster

Our guitar boost pedal is inspired by the guitar sounds of Billy F. Gibbons (ZZ Top).

The Trouble Booster is packed full of vintage charm with unbelievably responsive, touch sensitive dynamics. This pedal can take you all the way to screaming lead tones, increasing the guitar’s interaction with the amplifier like never before. The Normal setting is extremely versatile as a result of its perfectly rounded frequency response, yielding a warm, fat saturation. The Bright setting has a tighter bass response for heightened note definition and a faster attack, with plenty of sparkle and grit.

"If your valves are already cooking away, this is a pedal that will take things further and enhance the tonality with a saturated richness, laden with harmonics. The normal mode offers a fat sound with an enhanced top end, while the bright mode offers a defined bite to the note that cuts through. All this with a sensitivity that responds well to variations in pick attack and guitar volume. If you are looking for extra richness, harmonics and sustain, this delivers in two distinct flavours. Boost like the Rev Gibbons himself." Guitarist Magazine

Powered by a 9vDC adapter (not included) or 9v PP3 battery.