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Buzz Feiten ElitePro


The ElitePro is the workhorse of the line, and I designed it from the ground up to combine the two woods that seem to cover all the bases. The alder core, combined with a Swamp Ash top, gives the ElitePro a rich low midrange and the sparkling top end that’s the signature tone of ash. My custom designed pickups feature Alnico5 magnets, incredible warmth and punch, and a smooth, vintage quality that a wide range of players seem to really love! The ElitePro is a great all around guitar for professional players who need a wide variety of sounds, and the flexibility to cover a wide range of guitar styles with confidence. This guitar comes with a tweed hard shell case.


2 piece Northern maple/maple-maple/rosewood (quartersawn)
Radius: 14"
Scale: 25.5"
6100 frets: (nickel steel)(.098"X.055")
Nut Width: 1.7"
Nut material: Machined bone
Heel Width: 2.25"
Thickness at 1st fret: .950"
Thickness at 12th fret: 1"
Shape: Vintage "C" Contour
Trussrod: 2-way/headstock adjustable
Tuning Machines: Precision Die Cast 15:1

Volume/Tone pots: Alpha
3-Way Switch: CRL / Oakes
Mini-toggle switch (not available on T-pro): Thorsen
Tone capacitor: Sprague
Passive Tone Network: (Rhythm/Lead switch)

All models feature Buzz Feiten design pickups:
BF-109 Bridge Humbucking
BF-120 Neck (4 conductor hum cancelling)

Custom Top Load / 2 5/32" spacing

Painting: Martin Bravo

Body Shape

All our models feature the same basic body shape, which is the result of many hours and a long process of refinements to arrive at our current shape. Buzz Feiten guitars are perfectly balanced, so that you can take your hand off the neck when standing, and the guitar will remain balanced.

Tonewood Tops

Each model has a body that features an alder core, with one of 4 different types of tonewood top. Spruce, Sugar Pine, Swamp Ash or Flame Maple. Each wood type has a tonal identity of it's own, and by combining them using ears and experience, I've been able to create a distinct acoustic signature for each model.

Buzz Feiten Pickups

Each Buzz Feiten model features Buzz Feiten Custom designed pickups. All are Alnico5, all are hum-cancelling and feature a warm, Vintage tone with incredible transparency and punch. Our pickups and tone get the most rave reviews of any other feature of the guitars.

Rhythm/Lead switch

Each of our 5 models (all except the T-Pro) feature a Custom designed Rhythm/Lead switch for the bridge humbucking. Actually a Series/Parallel switch with a special passive tone network, the switch gives the Player 2 great sounding options for the bridge pickup sound...Bluesy, with a clear transparent top end, or more aggressive Rock tone with that traditional Humbucking growl and midrange.

Body-Lok Comfort Rout

All models feature a unique comfort rout on the back of each guitar. The shape, depth and size of the rout locks the guitar against your body, especially when standing in performance.


All Buzz Feiten guitars feature an exclusive Custom top-load bridge, with 2 5/32" string spacing, which is slightly wider than the standard 2 1/8th". No other Humbucking equipped guitar offers this Custom spaced Nickel plated bridge, which greatly improves playability and sustain, and captures that "Vintage" feel, without the stiffness. The combination of bridge and nut string spacing on all Buzz Feiten guitar models allows the Player ultimate freedom of expression.