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Catalinbread Semaphore Tremolo Original Version


Sold out.

 The tones produced by the Semaphore Tremolo on your strum will make you shudder just like your strings. This Catalinbread effect pedal gives you tremolos that range from smooth harmonic vibrato to repeat percussion in one sleek device. With controls for volume and rate to modify the output and speed respectively, this guitar effect pedal also features knobs for controlling the swell and the pulse of the wave-shape. The makers say this Catalinbread effect pedal boasts of no feature without a benefit to the player. Being an analog pedal, this guitar effect pedal does not reproduce any unseemly digital effects, and it sounds your notes the way you want them to. Running on a 9-volt battery or power-supply, the Semaphore Tremolo is sure to tremble its way into your soul.