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Chunk Agent 00Funk Mark II Envelope Filter

Chunk Systems

Sold out.

 The Agent 00Funk Mark II (pronounced "agent double O funk mark two") turns bass guitars and other electric instruments into instant funky squelching fatness. The Agent 00Funk Mark II features a highly resonant lowpass filter that sweeps up or down with every note you play giving you a super-punchy automatic wah tone.

 Based on Chunk's original highly acclaimed Agent 00Funk, the Mark II squeezes extra funk into a more convenient, easier to use package. Now with true bypass and only the best quality analogue electronics, the Agent 00Funk Mark II is perfect for all you clean sound freaks. For maximum squelch, the new envelope input allows you to use a clean envelope prior to fuzz or distortion. Plug the Chunk Brown Dog Gated Fuzz gated bass fuzz pedal straight in to create some truly amazing synth tones. 


  • Suitable for bass guitar, electric guitar and other electric instruments.
  • True bypass.
  • Four controls allow you to fine-tune your sound.
  • Switchable up/down sweep direction.
  • Runs from a single 9V battery or external power supply (not included).
  • Convenient form factor includes no-tools battery drawer.
  • Sturdy steel case finished in a lurid purple.
  • High quality soft-feel foot switch.
  • Compatible with Chunk Brown Dog Gated Bass Fuzz for crazy synth tones.
  • High quality analogue electronics throughout.
  • Two pole lowpass filter with logarithmic sweep for extra funk.
  • Wide range non-optical sweep circuit for better resonance and reliability.
  • Lovingly manufactured in Australia.

The Agent 00Funk Mark II has four connectors on the back:

  • input - signal from your instrument comes in here.
  • envelope - connects to Chunk Brown Dog Gated Bass Fuzz for maximum squelch.
  • output - signal goes out to your amplifier here.
  • 9vdc - plug in a regulated 9V DC 2.1mm supply here.    


In addition to the high-quality metal bypass switch, the Agent 00Funk Mark II has four knobs and a switch:


  • The pitch control determines the filter frequency when the input is silent. You use it to determine the overall pitch of the filter effect. Turning it lower will tend to give you fatter, bassier tones while higher settings will affect only the higher end of your sound.
  • The smoothness control determines how quickly the filter sweeps in response to changes in input level. If you set it low, the filter will make large, jerky jumps on each note. This tends to sound squidgy and warbles a little as the filter responds to individual audio cycles. If you set it high, the filter makes smaller, slower movements.
  • Adjusting the sweep control changes how wide the filter sweeps are. When you set it low, the filter sweeps over a narrow range and is not very responsive to the dynamics of your playing. When you set it high, the filter sweeps over a wider range and the dynamics of your playing will have a greater affect.
  • The squelch control determines how extreme the filtering effect is by adjusting the resonance of the filter. As you turn it higher, the filter has a higher gain at the filter frequency and accentuates those frequencies more, making a "squelchier" sound.
  • The switch determines the direction of the filter sweep. In up mode the filter starts low and sweeps up to higher frequencies. This can add a lot of punch to the start of each note as the filter sweeps over the fundamental frequency. In down mode, the filter starts high and sweeps lower, which gives a different type of sound in which the note tends to get swallowed in the middle but returns at the end.