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D-Tar Mama Bear


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D-Tar Mama Bear



16 different guitars at your fingertips and ability to hear all of your guitars tonal complexity.


For years, acoustic guitars have relied on pickups for amplification. One problem Even the best acoustic guitars deliver an oversimplification of true acoustic tone complexity when amplified. Using something called AIR, acoustic impulse response technology, Mama Bear takes your guitar into the digital realm, neutralizes the pickup, and then restores the natural body resonance. The result now the finest acoustic guitars can sound like, well themselves. Only louder.The 16-position Input Source Selector provides 16 different digital input filter choices to neutralize the sound of your pickup so the AGE can go to work. Once you have selected the proper input filter, you are now free to use the 16-position Target Instrument knob to dial up the guitar that matches your guitars body shape, or to explore all 16 amazing sounds emulated from 16 beautiful guitars, from parlors to super jumbos.Mama Bear is designed to work with all types of under saddle transducers, and magnetic soundhole pickups, and has input filters specifically. It is important to note, however, that we do not have input filters for soundboard transducers or microphones, and while it is certainly possible to get good results with them, we cannot predict which input output knob settings will yield those results. We encourage you to experiment with any variety of stringed instruments and pickup sources.There is an input gain control with overload LED that allows you to dial just the right amount of input level, no matter what type of pickup(s) you are using.The Output Level control sets the output level for the output jack only. The XLR output is pre-fader, and sends full output signal at all times. This enables you to send the XLR signal to the PA, while using the output to send signal to an amp on-stage without disrupting the PA signal level. The Bypass Switch (with LED) is a hard-wire bypass that allows you to compare processed vs. unprocessed sounds. LED is lit when in bypass mode.Phase switch allows for feedback reduction.Mute switch will mute all output, allowing for quiet tuning.WetDry blend control allows for in-between processing.There is a ground-lift switch for studio use with balanced-input mixing boards.