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Danelectro Spring King Spring Reverb


Sold out.

 Now you can have the warmth, the depth, the richness of a 50’s era spring reverb—and use it with any amp, anywhere, any time. The SPRING KING™ sounds like a real spring reverb from the 50’s…because, well, it is! We started with an authentic spring reverb tank and we fussed and fiddled and tweaked until the sound was “just so.” The result is a rich, thick spring reverb delivering “just the right tone and warmth.”

If that isn’t enough we added a “kick pad.” One foot tap sends the reverb into a thunderous explosion. Why the kick pad? Believe it or not, bands in the 50’s and 60’s used to kick the side of their amp to get this effect! Anyway, it sounds cool.

So there you have it. An absolutely stellar spring reverb that’s portable, easy to use and doesn’t break your wallet. What’s not to like about that!