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Dean Michael Angelo Batio Hands Without Shadows Pickup

Dean Pickups

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 There is a reason that Michael Angelo Batio was nicknamed Hands Without Shadows® in China and named the number one Shredder of all times - the man plays extremely fast. With this speed, Michael knows that clarity and attack are extremely important and he relys on his neck pickup for many of his beautiful round tones. Michael Angelo Batio is touring the world with the HWS pickups in his double guitar and relies on these pickups to produce those buttery tones when he is not busy melting his pick with his full out shred. Try out the Batio HWS humbucking in your axe today.


Position                           Neck/G spaced

Bobbin/Cvr  Color           Black/Black

Cable                              4 Conductor

Magnet                           Ceramic

DC Resistance               12K