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Denis Cornell MT Boost Pedal

Denis Cornell

Sold out.

 The Denis Cornell MT Boost pedal allows players to get two additional sounds from their amplifier.

By experimenting with the middle, treble and gain controls, a vast array of usable sounds that can thicken, add grit or some sparkle are available in addition to the amp's "normal" sound (when the bypass switch is engaged).


  • The middle control will increase the mids as you turn it up -- the more mids the fatter or thicker the sound.
  • The treble controls the high frequency response, so when you increase the treble the sound also gets fatter and thicker.
  • The Gain control sets the volume of the Middle and Treble, but you will get a crunch-type distortion with the gain full up. This will vary depending on the output from the pickups of your guitar.


For safety reasons remember that the Treble response is at its highest when the control is down. Should you increase the Gain with the Treble in this position there is a danger of cutting the heads off your audience!!

The MT Boost will get the best out of your amp without adjusting the controls for each song. Just set your preferred tones and (using the Channel footswitch) simply switch between them.

This is more than just another pedal. It's a tool that you'll soon discover is irreplaceable


  • 3PDT Switches
  • True Bypass Circuitry
  • Polished Stainless Steel Case
  • Easy Acess Battery Compartment
  • 9v DC Power Supply Tap (except The 1st Fuzz)