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DigiTech X-Series XDD DigiDelay 4 second Digital Delay


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The DigiDelay pedal gives you loads of delay time, with up to 4 seconds of delay available. This is more than is found in many studio-quality, rack-mounted delay processors. And that is just the beginning! The DigiDelay also lets you select various delay types such as stereo ping pong and tape delay, and other phat delay sounds, plus tap tempo so you can set the delay time exactly to the beat (just hold, then tap the footswitch with your foot). Controls feature Level, Repeat, Time, and Range. Outputs for both pedals include Out 1 (Mono) and Out 2 for stereo operation.

  • Up to 4 seconds of delay
  • 7 different delay types plus Tap Tempo
  • Stereo Outputs with switchable CIT Cabinet Modeling