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DigiTech XBD X-Series Bass Driver™ Bass Overdrive/Distortion


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 The Bass Driver™ features three different bass overdrive distortion pedal models to select from. These can be morphed to create new multi-model bass -overdrive sounds.

  • Level -adjusts the overall effect level.
  • Tone - uses special Spectral -Contouring equalization. This adjusts a broader range of frequencies, which provides greater tonal control than is found in typical stompbox tone controls.
  • Blend - adjusts the mix of the dry signal with the effected signal.
  • Morph - selects or morphs through 3 overdrive models, including the TS9 Tube Screamer™, the Rat™ and DigiTech’s DigiFuzz™.
  • Dual Outputs. The Normal output is for connecting directly to the input of your bass amplifier. The Mixer output utilizes CIT™ and is for connecting directly to a mixing board or headphone preamp.

These are made in the USA