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DigiTech XTD X-Series Tone Driver Overdrive


 The DigiTech X-Series Tone Driver Overdrive features a huge range of different overdrive crunch distortion types that can be morphed into different combinations as you rotate the exclusive Distortion Morph knob. This gives you a nearly unlimited supply of combinations. Now, you are no longer stuck with only one distortion type in a pedal. But that's not all. There are two outputs, one for normal signal out, and one that features advanced cabinet modeling for live and recording direct-to-board applications. And instead of the standard stompbox tone controls, the DigiTech X-Series Hot Rod Distortion features the innovative spectral-contouring EQ, which delivers enhanced tone range.

  • Rock distortion morphing
  • Spectral-contouring EQ
  • Normal & CIT Cabinet Modeling outputs