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DLS Stereo Chorus~Vib Stereo Chorus Vibe Pedal


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 The DLS Stereo Chorus-Vib custom Chorus, Vibrato, and Rotating Speaker effect was designed by engineers who are also musicians. This effect is for the professional who is looking for extremely high quality sound and robust construction. This design effort has produced one of the warmest-sounding, versatile, and most powerful effects of its kind . We give you the chorusing power to cut through on live performances. This effect is constructed using a heavy steel enclosure, steel switches, and steel pots to withstand every road environment. Every custom effect is checked by ear by an engineer/musician before it is qualified to be sold. These effects are quality crafted in the USA.

  • Chorus, Vibrato and Rotating Speaker effects all from one pedal
  • Chorus Rate, Depth, Blend, and Delay controls for the musician to dial in multiple chorusing sounds from mild to Wildly Liquid
  • Stereo outputs for lush, full chorusing
  • Extremely warm sounding and versatile
  • Two outputs to choose from (One bright, one normal, or both for Stereo)
  • Multiple controls allow the musician to control their own sound
  • All steel enclosure, steel pots, and steel jacks
  • Powder coated enclosure (more durable than standard painting)
  • 9VDC input, any polarity (Worry free if using your 9 volt pedal board supply)
  • Designed and manufactured in the USA by engineers who are also musicians
  • Every effect is tested by an engineer/musician
  • True Bypass Switching


  • Blend: Controls the blending of Chorus, Vibrato or Leslie effects with straight guitar
  • Chorus1 Rate, Chorus1 Depth: Controls rate and depth of Chorus, Vibrato, or Leslie
  • Delay Scale: Seven delay selections for further versatility
  • On/Off Footswitch: True Bypass Footswitch to select between straight guitar and Chorus effects.


  • Technology: Analog and 16bit digital electronics
  • Sample rate: 44.1KHZ, 256x over sample
  • Outputs: Output A (Normal), Output B (Bright)
  • Power: 9vdc, 60ma, 2.1mm jack (DC adapter included)
    *DLS's internal circuit will accommodate any polarity of input jack.


  • Enclosure: Solid heavy gauge steel (5.5W x 4.9D x 2.4H)
  • Controls: Steel switches, pots, and ¼ jacks
  • Weight: 2½ lbs.

Chorus~Vibe Sound Samples

Analog Chorus
Rush sound
Leslie 2
Heavy Leslie
Heavy Chorus
Heavy Vibrato