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DNA Analogic Virtual Tube VT-1 Overdrive

DNA Analogic

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 Just as the name implies, the VT-1 Virtual Tube is an overdrive effect that reproduces the natural saturation of a vintage tube amplifier with stunning realism. The VT-1 adds amazing fatness and warmth to your signal and can be used as a crunch channel for a clean amp or a booster to drive a high gain amp even harder.

The secret to the VT-1s realistic tone lies in three distinct areas: First, it does not use the standard JRC4558 IC that most overdrives are based around but instead relies on a higher-quality JRC2043 IC. Contrary to popular belief, the 4558 is neither rare nor unique, and there are many higher-grade op amps to choose from that sound superior: Rather than rely on hype, the VT-1 relies on tone to make its point.

While DNA's choice of op amps may be untraditional, their choice in diodes are tried and true, hand-selected germaniums. Germanium diodes are preferred to other types in that they distort at lower voltages, providing a more natural, dynamic overdrive effect than standard diodes do. The use of germaniums allows the VT-1 to clean up remarkably well by rolling off your instruments volume, and it tracks picking techniques flawlessly.

Lastly, the VT-1s tone circuit is a radical departure from the standard overdrive. Rather than rely on a High Cut/Boost circuit that can rob your instrument of low end, the VT-1s Cut control affects only the ultra-high frequencies, adding shimmer and sheen to your sound without sacrificing punch and power in the low end. This control combined with the VT-1s alternative circuit are the secrets to its design, but the real magic is how the VT-1 fits perfectly with any guitar rig or playing style to provide you with limitless creative inspiration - in short, it makes your guitar sing.

If realistic tube tone is what you are after, the VT-1 Virtual Tube is the next best thing to being there.