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DSM Drive Maker Tweakable Drive Engine

DSM Noisemaker

DSM Noisemaker Drive Maker Tweakable Drive Engine

The Drive Maker (DM) was conceived as a response to the current trends on Boutique pedals and recording gear. Only a handful of builders are creating new things, investigating new tones, circuits, functions. Too many TS clones, Big Muffs, Fuzz Faces, Dist +, flood the market. If it is not a cheap clone, is a digital model of a cheap clone. Everyone is starting to sound the same!! 

We understand that most home-players want to sound like their heroes. But that is not the goal of this unit. This is directed to the musician that want to find their own voice, the perfect touch, amount of harmonics, dynamics, and so on.


Voice control: a unique, carefully designed pre-gain tone control, tuned from a bass boost at min, a treble boost at max, and flat at the middle.

3 clipping modes: OD for transparent, soft clipping characteristics, DIST for higher gain, more aggressive tones, and BROKEN, for a unique, very asymmetric clipping that responds to your picking style.

Octave Up: The MD boasts the sweetest octave up you will find. From Sitar tones to sax-like textures, down to weird fuzzy drives.

Boost function: It includes a footswitch activated boost, up to 30dB. Really handy for solos or when you want to push your amp tubes

The Drivemaker is an original overdrive that allows players to sculpt their tones to their preferences. The Drive Maker packs plenty of punch despite its compact chassis. You have Level, Bass and Treble controls, a built-in Gate, and a Voice knob next to the Gain control that increases treble by rolling it to the right, and increasing bass rolling it to the left. Below the knobs are three mini-switches. The right switch gives you three options for gain modes: Overdrive, Distortion, or Broken. The middle switch gives you an Octave option, either raising it by clicking to the right, or lowering it clicking to the left. Finally, the left switch contains the Midrange option, either boosting or scooping if it’s not set to flat. There is also a clean boost option, controlled with a single miniature knob and a second switch.

The Drive Maker also includes an effects loop that can be activated via the Boost switch. Experiment with a reverb-delay in there, the sound is crystal clear even with the Boost is rolled all the way back.

FX-loop: An internal FX loop lets you activate your favorite effects just by engaging the Drive maker. Also, It can be assigned for boost channel only.

Guitar or Bass use: An internal switch lets you choose between 2 types of output voicings, designed to work with guitar or bass frequencies.

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