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Electro-Harmonix Holier Grail


Sold out.

 REVERB + GOLDEN GATE- Let the Golden Gates of heaven open up for you! Expanding on the reverb sounds found in the Holy Grail comes the Holier Grail: 8 high-quality reverbs that will drive guitarists and experimentalists to part seas just to unearth it. Two of each reverb: Spring, Hall, Room, Flerb, post-reverb Gate, and Reverse Gate will open new doors to other worlds of reverb and help you get your wings.

Quick Specs

  • True bypass
  • Simply the finest "spring" reverb available, now with short and long reverb tails
  • Smooth "hall" reverb tailored to the guitar, now with large and small halls
  • Damped "room" sounds are perfect for that bathtub reverb effect
  • Post reverb gate with adjustable threshold control and reverse gatev
  • 18DC-500 power supply included