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EMMA DiscumBOBulator DB-1 Auto Wah Pedal


Sold out.

The Emma DiscumBOBulator DB-1 envelope filter was designed to react precisely to even the fastest of playing, while still being able to deal with strong signals such as chords. In addition, the DB-1 will retain the full spectrum of tone present in the original signal without the volume peaks and dips common to other filters. Its multiple controls (Sensitivity, Up/Down Drive, Width & Attack) allow precise adjustment to the responsiveness and degree of the effect, while it's proprietary circuitry allows the DB-1 to be used for Guitar, Bass, or Keyboards with equal effectiveness and dead-on tracking.

If digital modelers have left you flat, the DiscumBOBulator is sure to put the swing back in your strings!

9v battery or 9v DC power supply required. Handmade in Denmark.