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Evidence Audio Lyric HG Cables

Evidence Audio

Evidence Audio Lyric HG - Especially well suited for High Gain amplifiers or passive pick-ups where microphonics can be a challenge
Design Consideration: Result:
IGL Copper conductors: Smooth midrange and highs
Solid Core Conductors: Preserve clarity and focus, revealing harmonic detail and articulation
20 awg Conductor Size: Large enough to communicate punch and authority, small enough to preserve a sense of air and delicacy
Enhanced Dielectric: Additional air reduces dielectric involvement
Conductive skins applied to positive and negative runs Reduced microphonics with high gain amps
High Density Copper Braid Shield: Nothing but signal gets to your amp
Woven Cloth Jacket Increases flexibility and protection for stage use
In cables with a single right angle, the straight end is the destination end unless otherwise specified. If you want this reversed, it will be a special order and you must make it absolutely clear to me that you are asking me to do a special order.