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Evidence Audio Siren II Speaker Cable

Evidence Audio

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The Siren II™
The next-generation Siren speaker cable  
Design Consideration:   Result:
IGL™ Copper conductors:   Open and extended midrange and high frequencies without glare or etching
Solid Core Conductors:   Preserve clarity and focus, revealing harmonic detail and articulation
Open-Core Design:   Increases space between conductors to reduce magnetic interaction
15 awg Total Size:   A bundle of six 20 awg conductors which avoid skin-effect anomalies yet large enough together to provide ample damping
Polypropylene Insulation:   Holds conductors rigid to minimize electro-magnetic modulation of the conductors
Spiraled Geometry:   Delivers a dynamic and dimensional presentation
Durable PVC Jacket:   Provides flexibility while protecting conductors