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Fulltone FPS-1


Sold out.

The problem with 99.9% of all wall-wart adapters is that they are NOT regulated, some straying up to 13 volts or so, causing hum and horrible tone. Enter the Fulltone FPS series (200 ma.) regulated adapters... dead quiet... and exactly 9 volts no matter what your wall AC is putting out. Both models have the standard 2.1mm x 5.5mm end.

The FPS-1 has a Negative Center Pin and is designed for most all 9v pedals, including the Fulltone Plimsoul, FullDrive2, Fat-Boost, etc., as well as most other Boss, Ibanez and other 9v pedals.

If you need a power supply for an old “large box” gold or white Deja’Vibe please contact fulltoneengineer@att.net.