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Fulltone Mini DejáVibe Stereo


Sold out.

You can't blame 'em... they're trying to break into a market that I own. So when the new booteek company of the month says "uh, I make a more exact copy of the original... SMACK!... sorry Boy... you can't get more accurate than EXACT.

Here's a video clip of Doyle Bramhall II showing how right I got the original Univibe circuit.

We are the first to put out an exact copy of the legendary Vintage'60's Univibe on a large scale. Ours has that dripping Phase-Chorused tone that made Jimi's "Machine Gun" so epic! In beautiful vintage cream color with maroon lettering housed in a sturdy 16 gauge steel housing that measures ONLY 4" x 5.75". Now it's tiny enough to fit on the most cluttered pedalboard, and because of the mini-DV's unique voltage doubling circuit you can use any standard 9 volt DC adapter (Fulltone FPS-1 adapter is included). And inside the MDV the power is ramped up to the original Univibe's 18+ volts DC!

Features also include a mini-toggle switch to choose between Vintage/Modern settings allowing for warm original '60's Univibe grind (Vintage) and louder, with more output (Modern).

The Photocells: We're the only small company who can quite frankly afford to have the correct Glass covered, hermetically sealed photocells Custom-made. Here's a photo comparison of the photocells of the MDV and a vintage Univibe.

The Bulb: Getting the correct Voltage rating on this is no big deal, but does size really matter? Yes, but don't look at the size of the Glass, look at the size of the Filament (wire inside the glass)! We got it right.. And this is crucial to achieve the correct amount of brightness... it also has to flash consistently at all speeds. Our does.

The Shroud: No, not a religious garment... it's the aluminum cover protecting the photocells... is the inside of your clone mirrored? Too bad, the original Univibe's was and so is ours, and that's the only way to get the proper light reflection inside the photo-array. It's all in the details.

Robin Trower says of his DejáVibe
"Simply Brilliant. I use it all the time. It's the best of its kind!!"