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Hartman Germanium Crystal Valve


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 The Hartman Germanium Crystal Valve is an original design three-transistor Germanium fuzz by Hartman that draws on two different-era Vox Tonebender circuit designs (MKII and MKIII) for its inspiration.  Changes to the Gain control and interactions with the volume of the guitar signal take the sound from Germanium's warm clean tones into its distinctive overdriven mid-range bark.  Tone control lets players dial the focus of the fuzz to create a full range of Germanium voicings, from warm and woody to biting and edgy, with the highest settings transforming the pedal into a Germanium treble booster.

Recognizing that some of fuzz's greatest sonic beauty lies in its ability to interact with the guitar and amp around it, but that flexibility is tantamount, the Germanium Crystal Valve preserves the critical interactions between a passive instrument's wiring harness and the fuzz's input but can also be stacked mid signal chain after other pedals without compromising its tone.  DC biased Germanium gain stages mean quiet, low drift operation for a Germanium fuzz pedal that is equally at home on stages and in studios.

Hartman Germanium Crystal Valve pedals are built in California using low-noise modern components, plated-through-hole printed circuit board construction and assembled using combination of state of the art manufacturing and hand-wiring techniques, almost entirely by musicians.


•Three-transistor PNP Germanium Fuzz
•Flexible voicing and gain structure
•Heavy-duty True-bypass switching
•LED Indicator
•2.1mm 9vdc jack (center-positive)
•One Year Manufacturer’s Warranty


Power Consumption: <20mA @ 9VDC
Length: 4.9" (125mm)
Width: 4" (101mm)
Height: 2.1" (54mm).