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Guyatone MDm5 Micro Digital Delay


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Guyatone MDm5 Micro Digital Delay

 An improved version of Guyatone’s top-selling MD-3 Micro Digital Delay, the MDm5 gives the user a wide range of delay types and tones in an ultra-compact enclosure. 30-2600 milliseconds of delay time are available, more than enough to create an entire range of classic delay effects from Rockabilly slapback to Arena-rock washes of excess and everything in between. At higher Feedback settings, the Guyatone MDm5 Digital Delay pedal will self-oscillate like an analog delay, creating cacophonous cascades of repeats, UFO-landings, ray guns, and other bizarre sound effects. At lower Feedback settings it can be used for sound-on-sound layering of parts to create beautiful, ethereal soundscapes that slowly fade into infinity.

New hi-frequency roll-off control allows authentic simulation of classic Analog Delay tones by reducing hi-frequencies on Delay repeats. Quite possibly the smallest delay, unarguably the best: Try the MDm5 and discover what perfection is all about!