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Hartman BC108 Silicon Fuzz


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Hartman BC108 Silicon Fuzz 


The Hartman BC108 is a very musical sounding and faithful recreation of the original Silicon fuzz face circuit with essential modern amenities like true-bypass, on/off LED, and 9VDC-in jack.  

External bias control is standard on all units, allowing fuzz to be set ultra-smooth, or lowered for rougher texture.  The lowest bias settings evoke the trademark crackle, spit and grind of "starved" Silicon.

Gain selected BC108 transistors ensure each fuzz is voiced to respond to changes in guitar volume and player dynamics, decay smoothly, and have enough gain on tap for creating controlled feedback.


•Gain-selected BC108 transistor pair
•External Bias control
•Heavy-duty True-bypass switching
•LED Indicator
•2.1mm 9vdc power jack (center negative)
•9v battery included
•One Year Manufacturer’s Warranty


< 20mA @ 9VDC
Length: 4.9" (125mm)
Width: 4" (101mm)
Height: 2.1" (54mm)