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Hartman SFZ Dual Fuzz


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Hartman SFZ Dual Fuzz 


The Hartman SFZ Dual Fuzz brings together two classic fuzz circuits in a single pedal.  Starting with a pair of meticulously crafted recreations of the original fuzz face circuit, the SFZ stacks two stages of fuzz end-to-end using gain-selected Germanium and Silicon transistor pairs: a N.O.S. (new old-stock) Germanium stage followed by a current-production Silicon transistor stage.

Each fuzz stage has its own Fuzz and Volume controls, heavy-duty true-bypass footswitch, and LED indicator.  Stages may be selected individually or combined as a pair for greater tonal coloration and gain.  The bias and texture of the Germanium and Silicon fuzz circuits can be adjusted separately via dedicated internal bias trim pots.

All transistors are selected and auditioned for optimal leakage, gain and tone.  The result is a pedal that responds exceptionally well to player dynamics, and changes in guitar volume.   Users can explore further tonal variations by mixing carbon-zinc and alkaline battery types for different fuzz tones.  Alternatively, the SFZ can be powered via its external 18VDC power jack (external supply not included).


•Gain-select NOS Germanium and Silicon transistors
•Dedicated internal bias controls
•Heavy duty true-bypass switching
•Two 9v batteries included
•18vdc power jack (supply not included)
•Dual LED Indicators
•One Year Manufacturer’s Warranty


< 30mA @ 18VDC
Length: 4" (101mm)
Width: 4.9" (125mm)
Height: 2.1" (54mm)