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Hartman Vintage Germanium Boost


 The Hartman Vintage Germanium Boost is a very musical and faithful recreation of the original Rangemaster treble booster using N.O.S. (new old-stock) PNP Germanium transistors, each carefully screened for leakage and gain, and auditioned for tonal characteristics.

The pedal functions as clean treble booster on lower settings, ideal for dark sounding amps.  More boost is applied to the treble region than to the bass: the higher the note played, the more gain (approx. 24 dB at the upper end of the neck and dial).  Higher settings introduce grit and grind.  Selectable frequency response allows users with bright amps to shift the range of boost downward toward the guitar’s midrange for greater flexibility.


•Gain-selected N.O.S. PNP Germanium transistor
•Selectable Mid/Hi Voicing via external toggle
•Heavy-duty True-bypass switching
•2.1mm 9vdc power jack (center positive)
•9v battery included
•LED Indicator
•One Year Manufacturer’s Warranty


< 20mA @ 9VDC (positive ground)
Length: 4.5" (115mm)
Width: 2.3" (59mm)
Height: 2.1" (54mm)