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Homebrew Electronics ComPressor Retro Sustain Pedal

Homebrew Electronics

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 Homebrew Electronics Compressor Retro

Modeled after a coveted vintage compressor circuit, the Hombrew Electronics ComPressor Retro is a pedal you may want on all of the time. The CPR is extremely transparent and quiet. Use it on any instrument to obtain singing sustain without the hiss, noise and annoyances associated with other compression pedals.

The CPR sounds best when ran thru the input of a tube amp. Never run the CPR thru an effects loop.

True hardwire bypass.


  • Input - Instrument in. Unplug when not in use to conserve battery life.
  • Out - Out to amp
  • 9VDC jack - For use with -(Negative) center, 9VDC, filtered, and regulated power supply.
  • Sustain - Raising the sustain control will increase the amount of compression and sustain from subtle to a poppy, percussive attack. Volume goes up as the sustain control is increased so you may have to adjust the level control accordingly.
  • Level - Varies the amount of output.
  • Decay - The decay is preset to work with most electric guitars. Adjustment is only necessary when changing instruments. (example: electric guitar to bass or acoustic). To adjust the decay set the sustain all the way up and adjust the decay control until max volume and sustain is achieved with no distortion in the trail off of the note. Of course, you can always adjust the decay to your liking. Have Fun!