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Homebrew Electronics Frost Bite Analog Flanger Pedal

Homebrew Electronics

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 The Homebrew Electronics Frost Bite is an all analog flanger that is capable of producing a wide range of sounds, including: Flange, Chorus, Rotary, Vibrato, and Pitch Shifts.

Input: Instrument in.

18 V Power: Use the included UL/CE listed 18 V, positive center supply. Use of a different power supply may result in a damage to the unit and will void the warranty. Unit does not run on batteries.


  • Manual: Sets delay time and is disabled when the range control is fully clockwise.
  • Range: Determines whether the delay is a function of the manual control or the speed control or a combination of both.
  • Speed: A continuously, variable sweep that moves over the entire range shifting a comb filter up and down.
  • Enhance: A variable gain feedback loop around the delay line which produces amplitude peaking and echo time variation of the input signal. Can be controled by foot using the rubberized knob cover. Extreme settings may lead to "jet-like" sounds.
  • Even/Odd Harmonics: Allows bandpass peaking at even or odd harmonics.
  • Level: Controls the overall output of the effect.
  • Activate: On/Off Footswitch for the effect.

Specifications: Max Delay-1.4ms, Input impedence-500K, Output impedence-2K, Max signal level-+4dBV, Frequency reponse-20Hz-16KHz