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Homebrew Electronics Full Metal Jacket Mosfet-based Distortion Pedal

Homebrew Electronics

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 The Homebrew Electronics FMJ Full Metal Jacket is a simple, yet effective distortion pedal. It adds all the gain, sustain, and output you could want without affecting the tone of your guitar or amp. Even order harmonics, jfet based construction, produces a distortion similar to over-driven pre-amp tubes.

Three controls: Gain, Output and Tone.

  • Gain control - Varies the amount of distortion. Higher settings may cause noise.
  • Output control-Varies the amount of output. Capable of driving an amp in to saturation. Sounds best when ran a little above unity. (Louder with the pedal on)
  • Tone control-Varies the amount of treble or bass. Output is increased with higher settings. Suggest setting it as flat as possible and using your amp's tone controls for EQ'ing

Two footswitches: On/Off and the Boost, which increases the amount of distortion, making the FMJ like a two channel tube amp. Features true bypass switching (Note: a small pop may occur when the boost is switched). Operates on battery or -9VDC, filtered, and regulated power supply (not included).