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Homebrew Electronics Gary Holt Doomsday Device Overdrive Pedal

Homebrew Electronics

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 The Homebrew Electronics Gary Holt Doomsday Device is like a  Homebrew Electronics Power Screamer with a few extra twists. The gain and output were increased slightly and a completely different Tone control was designed with a wider, more responsive range. That was just the start. The most lethal feature of the Doomsday Device is the Doomsday footswitch which allows the user to footswitch between the two Diode Select settings each yielding different overdrive characteristics. True bypass, 9 volt battery or DC adapter operation.


  • True bypass switching
  • Metal, open frame, chassis mount input/output jacks
  • Chassis mount 9V DC adapter jack
  • Heavy duty chassis mount metal shaft potentiometers and switches
  • Metal film components (resistors & capacitors)
  • Heavy gauge Teflon coated wire
  • Solid mounted PC boards
  • Heavy duty battery clips/holders
  • Die-cast metal enclosures
  • Limited lifetime workmanship manufacturer's warranty