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Hudson Electronics UK White Heat Fuzz

Hudson Electronics UK

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White Heat
Bright Sixties Fuzz Tones

The White Heat is a recreation of the Italian made Vox® fuzz built between 1966 and 1970. This pedal delivers a killer raspy fuzz with plenty of top end, without being an ice pick to the forehead. The White Heat cleans up superbly when you roll back the volume on your guitar making it very versatile and usable in many different musical settings.

If you are looking to recreate the tone of the Sixties, this is the fuzz for you! The White Heat comes loaded with a pair of new old-stock European germanium transistors custom tuned right to the sweet spot.

Handwired from scratch onto a vintage-style stripboard, using the highest quality components, each White Heat comes loaded with CITEC pots, a heavy duty Alpha switch, Neutrik Jacks, carbon film resistors, WIMA / BC / Vishay capacitors and other high quality components.


ATTACK - Controls the intensity of the fuzz effect. For a wider range of ‘cleaner’ tones try rolling back the volume control on your guitar.

LEVEL - Controls the overall volume of the pedal.

The over forty year old topology of the circuit and germanium transistors interact best with low to medium output ‘vintage voiced’ pick-ups. Some more modern high output pick-ups (particularly humbuckers) alter the tone of the fuzz and cause the output level to drop and sag when the pedal is engaged though rolling back the volume on your guitar can help counteract this.

The original two transistor Italian pedals did not have a huge amount of output – some just making unity gain. The White Heat has more output than the original unit but still does not have modern levels of volume boost available (unity is a round 2/3-3/4 on the LEVEL control) . Therefore we suggest that you start with both controls set to maximum and ease them back to taste.


Like the many vintage Vox® tonebenders, the White Heat runs only on a single 9v battery. Disconnecting the input jack when not in use allows the battery to last a long time, due to the very low current draw of the circuit. The unit comes with a Zinc Chloride type battery, which we highly recommend.

Dimensions: (including knobs and jacks)

126 x 65 x 60 mm

Full two year Warranty

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