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Jack Deville Deuce Coupe Overdrive

Jack Deville

Sold out.

Why do overdrive pedals sound and feel like overdrive pedals? I've struggled with this as long as I've played guitar, so I set out to solve this problem and I designed the Deuce Coupe-- a circuit that felt good, responded like an amp, and made me play things I hadn't before. Revving up clean boost, overdrive and even distortion was extremely satisfying and easy, but there was one last aspect missing: the ability to absolutely pummel the amp on the fly. And then came Ultra-Boost; the clean-up hitter.

Included are controls for Volume, Tone, and Gain, with an internal trim-pot for Ultra-Boost level.

Deuce Coupe consistently delivers, be the chips up or down, and it does it in spades.

-Light to medium overdrive
-Up to +56dB boost available to push tube amps
-18V internal operation for exceptional dynamic response
-+4 - +16 dB ultra boost
-Click-Less™ true bypass switching
-9VDC or 9V battery power