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Jacques Fuseblower


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Jacques Fusebllower Think about it: 3 Fuse Blowers in 1 compact pedal !!! In addition to having its distinctive own growl, the FUSE BLOWER's three distortion engines reproduce classic vintage distortion tones as well as modern “shredding“ solo sounds. Versatility and personality can at last live in peace in a compact pedal.

A distortion pedal must follow the guitar signal , in order to react to the guitarist playing shades. A simple test is to lower the guitar volume and observe if the distortion amount decreases accordingly. The FUSE BLOWER excels in preserving the original tone of the guitar pick-ups as well as the sound of the amplifier it is plugged into, unlike many effects which give the same tone on any gear.

Using old time analog technology, The FUSE BLOWER nevertheless ensures a noise ratio compatible with modern digital recording, giving electric guitar takes the authenticity they badly need.