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Jetter GS3


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 The Jetter GS3 overdrive features two overdrive pedals in one that can either be used independently or cascaded together. The GS3 also features a master on/off switch so you can switch on either channels at once, or the one of your choosing. Channel 1 is a transparent boost/overdrive channel that is perfect for a clean boost or a mild overdrive tone. The response is dynamic and balanced for great response to pick attack and volume knob settings. This channel is not voiced after any particular amplifier but was designed to get great boost and light overdrive tones perfect for rhythm playing and chunky blues. Channel 2 is voiced more along the lines of a vintage Plexi. Dynamic and articulate this channel has plenty of note bloom and enough compression for plenty of sustain and singing lead tones.

The Jetter GS3 is an extremely usable pedal that gives you three distinct overdrive tones in one pedal. Channel 1 can be set up as a clean boost or mild overdrive for pushing your amp or adding enough grit to get a great rhythm tone. This channel is very transparent so it does not color your tone, just adds to your existing sound. The Cut knob is great for darkening up the sound or taming a bright amplifier. Channel 2 brings forth thick, warm Plexi crunch with enough gain to get you into solo territory. The overdrive is rich and full with tons of overtones and harmonics. When cascading the two together, the options expand. Channel 1 cascades into Channel 2 so it can be used to boost Channel 2 or Channel 2 can be used to add enough oomph to an already overdriven Channel 1 for soaring lead tones. There are very few pedals out there that are as versatile as the Jetter GS3 Overdrive.


  • True Bypass
  • Hand Made in the USA
  • Two Independent Overdrive Channels
  • Ability to Cascade Channels
  • Master On/Off Switch
  • 9vdc or Battery Operation

Click on this link for the manual http://www.jettergear.com/manuals/GS3-manual.pdf