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Keeley Charing Cross Ultimate British Fuzz w/3 NOS OC75

Keeley Electronics

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Keeley Charing Cross Ultimate British Fuzz w/3 NOS OC75


The Charing Cross offers a true tone bending MkIII sound with genuine OC75 transistors, reduced noise, minimal gating, and it can be powered with a modern power supply.

With controls for FUZZ, TONE, and LEVEL the Charing Cross OC75 Fuzz makes it easy for players to dial in very wild amounts of fuzz.  This design is very slightly gated like a true MkIII would sound. There is no treble push in this design, so it sounds more “vintage-correct.”  It is very full and smooth sounding. In fact, it is slightly smoother than an MkI or MkII design. It is very interactive with the volume control on your guitar.  For those wanting a MkIII sound, this is it!  Furthermore, design modifications have solved temperature problems that can affect vintage fuzz units.  A reverse polarity germanium diode at the final gain stage prevents temperature problems.

Our design team focused on building a true MkIII circuit with a stash of Black Glass OC75 transistors that I had in my collection.  This type of PNP germanium pedal can be expensive, bulky, and can have variances in sound quality, so our goal was clear: create a best-in-class product that combines compact versatility, repeatable musical tone, and low noise in a compact effect. To achieve this, we employed several technical innovations from our Time Machine Boost and Holy Fuzz designs.  We also used techniques to nearly eliminate temperature coefficient problems inherent in germanium designs.  The end result is that the Charing Cross OC75 Fuzz is vintage fuzz effect we are extremely proud of and excited to offer to our customers in this very rare and extremely limited edition!

Like all of Keeley Electronics’ designs, the Charing Cross OC75 Fuzz is handcbuilt in the USA using the finest components and construction techniques. It is housed in a beautifully powder-coated and rugged enclosure, includes true bypass switching, and features a 2 year limited lifetime warranty with world-class Keeley customer support.