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Keeley DS-1 Ultra Modified Distortion Pedal Modified from a BOSS DS-1

Keeley Electronics

Sold out.

 With a switch you're LIVIN LARGE! Huge tube like tone, switch back and you have the Seeing Eye Mod version of the pedal!

  • Increased response and fidelity
  • Extra mods to increase the distortion range at maximum settings
  • Larger Silver Mica Cap installed to further smooth the overall sound
  • Comes with Cool Knobs!
  • A toggle switch installed to allow you an even larger selection of tones
  • Toggle Switch Up - Keeley's Standard Seeing Eye Mod
  • Toggle Down - Adds another LED to the clipping circuit for a Large Fat Tone
  • The Extra LED decreases the distortion a bit at the maximum setting, but increases the volume output of the pedal a bit, great for using the DS-1 as a pre-amp to push the amp or to fine tune a low distortion sound on the unit. The way Keeley engineers the mod, it is still asymmetrical so it still has the increased 2nd order harmonics and tube-like qualities.