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Keeley Fuzz Head Fuzz Pedal / Overdrive Pedal

Keeley Electronics

Sold out.

 Designed to work like Fuzz Face pedals that many players use as a LEAD BOOST. A Fuzz Face can be muddy, lacking note definition, too bassy, and lacking sustain. An overdrive can be not enough or too smooth. In contrast our design is transparent, has a better frequency response, and gives you that cutting edge for lead breaks.

  • The Heart of this pedal is a NPN Germanium Transistor.
  • Additional Gain Stage, a Darlington Pair of high gain silicon transistors for tons of volume output. This is great for overdriving tube amps or other overdrive pedals.
  • Buffered output so that it can drive pedals or amps with a nice high current and low impedance signal.
  • True-Bypass, offers you a clean true signal when the pedal is off.
  • Large Blue LED, a Killer Keeley Trademark!
  • Silicon/Germanium Toggle switch, this is like a gain Style switch. The "SI" mode inserts two diodes (one silicon and one germanium in parallel) in the distortion circuit so you can have a modern twist on a vintage sound, increases the gain and compression a bit for more sustain. This is more of an overdrive mode.
  • The "GE" mode is just raw and open sounding!
  • Very Transparent and Dynamic. Taking the best qualities of the germainum designs and the overdrives. Roll back the volume on your guitar for clean sounds, a variety of Tones, Textures, and Natural Fuzz/Overdrive!
  • Internal Drive-Range Control. Let's you set up the Range of the Exteral drive control (FUZZ), perfect for fine tuning light overdrive tones, to raging Fuzz. This control works "backwards": turn it down to lower the resistance and INCREASE DISTORTION, TURN IT UP so it will CLEAN UP.
  • Internal Tone Control.