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Keeley True Bypass Looper

Keeley Electronics

Sold out.

 The Keeley Looper makes any effect True-Bypass!

How much is tone worth?!?! These little boxes will allow you to make a pedal true-bypass, or give you the ability to create 'pre-sets' for only $85!

This is an incredibly small true-bypass looper box from Keeley Electronics! This little wonder is only 1 inch wide and 3 inches long. This will fit in the tightest of pedal boards and offer you a dramatic improvement in tone. Connect any effect to this unit that is "old school" and not true-bypass. In particular Vintage wahs, echos, phasers, fuzz face type pedals, etc., or even new effects that might have a weak bypass system. These elderly effects rob tone when they are off. Now You can make them truly bypassed when off with this little box. Works with or without power. When you add a DC supply to this unit the two LED let you know if the loop is active or not. BLUE LED indicates your signal is passing through the vintage effect, RED LED indicates true-bypass. STOP TONE DRAIN!

Use it as a multiple effects switcher!

Add several effects in a chain and then switch them all on at once.

Use it as a tuner mute switch. Plug a tuner in this box and not only prevent the tuner from draining away your tone, but tune in silence!