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Keeley TS-808 Modifed Modified Ibanez Tube Screamer with True Bypass

Keeley Electronics

Sold out.

 The Ibanez TS808 offers a vintage look and sound. Many people are wondering if it needs mods since it's the Holy Grail TS808 with JRC chip installed. Sure it does! If you look at the board, it's the exact same as the TS9 and has the same "faults" if you will. Limited bass reponse that cuts so much that it appears as a huge midrange hump in the sound. Limited Gain range...doesn't get clean enough or on the other side, doesn't get enough distortion. Also, the lack of transparency or muddiness becomes a problem for many users. All these things are fixed with our mods. Keeley's approach is to give you the most out of this classic pedal.

The TS808 needs mod work! It is really the same thing as the TS9 re-issue with just a new JRC chip in it. But the chip is not the main problem with the unit or the magic part needed to make it sound perfect. Keeley Electronics mods these pedals with 1000's of units worth of experience in making people happy. So instead of telling you about the "MOJO" Keeley does to it...they tell you like it is! ;-)

The bass response is improved to the point of perfection. It is nice and tight and not muddy at all. We upgrade that cap from a 0.047 to a 0.1uF and at the same time we increase the gain possible when the drive control is turned up. That resistor is dropped from a 4.7k to a 2.4k. Keeley also makes the pedal so it cleans up more We take the 51k and lower it to 20k. This is our More/Less mod. You get both more drive and less drive as well as all the sweet stock spots in the middle of the control. Keeley also upgrades the 1uF electrolytic caps to high tolerance, great sounding, more consistent 1uF metal film caps. This type of thing is done in all HI-FI stereos and audio gear.

Keeley also uses a gold socket for the chip so that you can experiment if you hear one chip is better than another etc...

Keeley also upgrades the tone control circuit and takes the .22uF Tantalum to a 0.18uF for better control and response from the tone control. This allows you to get a more full sound on the lower end of the tone control.

Keeley also improves parts of the fet switching so that you have a better clearer tone, both on and off. We check all the factory solder joints so that you don't have power supply problems anytime soon! The resistors we use are metal film to reduce noise in the system as well. Obviously, This is not the kinda of MOJO many others talk about. So think twice before sending it off to a man that promises you very little substance.

Why is Keeley's cheaper?!?! Because Keeley is bad to the bone and efficient as hell! Plus! Keeley is a musician who knows expenses and a few bucks here and there mean a lot.

Why is this the right way to mod the pedals for the masses? Because Keeley takes feedback from customers and turns it into reality. This is where YOU GUYS have led Keeley to the perfect Tube Screamer sound!

Those who follow Keeley closely will notice that their run of Vintage JRC4558 chips from 1982 have come to an end. They went through thousands of them! They have tried to source some more but have only come up with Fakes or Forgeries! So, from here on out, the TS808 mods will get the same great Texas Instruments RC4558P that Keeley uses in their TS9MOD. Keeley feels that the TI chip is the best of the best; the Vintage 82 JRC's were great and a rare thing to have.