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Koch Pedaltone Preamp PDT-4 Version I


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Koch Pedaltone Preamp PDT-4 Version 1

A semi 4-channel foot-operated floor unit, bursting with innovative features and fitted with four 12AX7 preamp tubes. With many of the same features found on Koch's other products it not only guarantees the Koch sound, it also adds unique new sounds that no other preamp can produce; either plugged directly into the power amp section of any amp or plugged into an instrument input.

For reaching new levels of thick, fat, rich and saturated distortion, Koch has built-in a very powerful feature, a 0.5 watt all-tube power amp. This little power stage will enable you to create huge sounds similar to a fully overdriven tube combo or stack. Together with the footswitchable enhancer on the clean channel and the booster function on the distortion channel, the range of clean and overdrive tones seems almost endless. The recording output allows you to send your tube sound to any studio mixing console, PA system or home hi-fi set. In combination with the built-in speaker simulation it will guarantee a faithful reproduction of your stage sound. And last but not least, the headphones output will allow you to get your kicks anywhere a mains socket is available.

The Pedaltone combines with any floor unit, is built extremely solid in a rugged stainless steel housing and features comprehensive control layout. Its five outputs guarantee connectivity to any input available.

All-Tube - 4x 12AX7 tubes
All-tube single-ended 0.5 Watts Power Amp with Drive and Volume controls
- can be activated with a separate footswitch. Works on all channels
Two independent channels - Clean & Overdrive with separate Gain, Volume and Tone controls
Clean channel with footswitchable Enhance function
Distortion channel with footswitchable High-Gain Boost function
Solo/Rhythm facility
Five outputs:
- To Power Amp (0dBm)
- To FX Return (-10dBm) 
- To Amp Input (-20dBm, filtered) 
- To Recording (-10 dBm, with speaker simulation)
- To Headphones (0 dBm, with speaker simulation)
Fully buffered Effects Loop
12 VAC power supply input - mains adapter is included
Dimensions - 12.2"w x 9.25"5d x 3.3"h cm
Weight -6.6 lbs.