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Lace Sensor Hot Gold All 13k 4701

Lace Pickups

Sold out.

Lace Sensor Hot Gold All positions are 13k Model#4701PK 

It's not just a dual coil trying to emulate a single coil. This is a true Single coil and it's Lace's quiet noise reduced Sensor design! Lace added to a classic design. This revised and enhanced new lace sensor Hot Gold has slightly stronger output. They retain all the definition of the regular Gold Lace Sensors but add a firm bottom and singing mid range. Excellent from clean to vintage growl. Lace's new most popular pickup.

These Lace Sensor Hot Gold's have a fat, full bottom end, a singing midrange and all the high end sparkle and class you would expect from a killer Strat -- everything is there like never before. Three-notes into these pickups and you too will hear the greatness we have all been waiting for.