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Lee Jackson Crackpotz Mr Fuzzzy

Lee Jackson

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 Remember the days when you got a pedal, that when you plugged it in it made you want to play for hours...Meet Mr Fuzzzy The first thing I thought when I plugged into Mr Fuzzzy was, man it is fun to play guitar. For years I have been working on a design to allow you to have your favorite "Classic" Fuzz Sound and with more features then a standard Fuzz pedal

Mr Fuzzzy was designed with the idea of being as transparent as possible, to not overly change the original sound as it comes out of the instrument. I worked for years on such a design, and have developed a circuit that doesn not degrade the original sound, Mr Fuzzzy enhances it with more Clarity and Definition., It can Clean up to a Sparkling Clean Sound by turning the volume of your guitar down. Mr Fuzzzy will enhance your great Rhythm sound without dropping out all your Low End. Get ready for Chocolately Luscious Solo's, and endless possibilities

100 % Analog Circuitry and it is True Bypass

Dimensions: Approx 1.30 D x .81 W x .95 W Shaft length: .388 Shaft size: .375 Knurl Type: Metric 18 tooth Wire Length: 8"