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Machine Head Pedals Evelyn Dual Drive

Machine Head Pedals

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 If you use a crunchy amp, you have different drive pedal needs. If you have dark speakers or an amp with midrange by the boatload, you have different drive pedal needs. Do you favor hot or fat pickups? Do you stack your pedals for different dirt and gain levels? Again, your needs are different. With these kinds of rigs, you've probably been disappointed with Screamer-type OD's or "traditional design" pedals with muddy, thin, or two-dimensional characteristics.

Enter the MHP EVELYN DUAL DRIVE - the "drive box for the rest of us." Crunchy amps, picky rigs, and stacked pedal combinations are what it typically does better than traditional choices. The MHP EVELYN DUAL DRIVE has two gain controls that double as two tone controls, and allow for quick precision tweaking with just three knobs.

The MHP EVELYN DUAL DRIVE adds bass and treble as it adds gain, instead of cutting like a standard drive box's tone control. Drive 1 is bright and crisp with plenty of gain to cut through dark tones with ease. Drive 2 is plump with just enough gain to fill out the bass frequencies without getting muddy or flabby.

Featuring true bypass, entirely wired by hand with off-board jacks and pots, with a handmade overbuilt circuitboard.