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Mad Professor Golden Cello 2nd Edition

Mad Professor

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Mad Professor Golden Cello 2nd Edition

The Golden cello pedal delivers a huge singing overdrive tone, with high quality tape echo type delay. To get this kind of tone anywhere else would cost you thousands of dollars and hours of knob twisting.

Just plug your Golden cello into your clean amplifier, and you’ll experience, mountainous, juicy lead tone at any volume level that only takes up one space on your pedal board. Sonic perfection is now in your hands and at your feet.


VOLUME: adjusts the final output level of the effect.
TONE: controls mainly the treble, sound can be set from soft to sharp.
DISTORTION: sets the sustain and distortion level, from light to saturated.
DELAY: sets the level of build in delay.

Inside the pedal there are trimmers for delay repeat and delay length (two trimmers, that have to be in balance), and trimmer for the volume into the delay part of the pedal.

Electrical Specifications:

Current draw @9VD:V 43mA
Input impedance: 70K Ohms
Output impedance: 50K 0hms
Supply voltage: 9-12VDC

Complete true bypass and input of circuit grounded in bypass