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Menatone Foxy Brown


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Menatone Foxy Brown Menatone's Foxy Brown is inspired by those cool old British 18 watt amplifiers. It is crunchy, raw and total rock and roll. The tone control works a bit differently from most. From noon down, it cuts highs. From noon up, it cuts bass. All the midrange remains untouched. The unique Sag control simulates the compression of a tube rectifier as it is turned up.


  • All Analog Circuitry
  • Ultra Bright LED
  • Easy Access Battery
  • True Bypass Switching
  • External Power Supply Jack (-Center, +Ring)
  • Silver Plated, Teflon Coated Wire
  • Shielded Wire from Input and Output Jacks to Switch
  • Only Carbon Resistors and Film Capacitors Used in Signal Path

All specifications subject to change without notice.