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Nick Greer No.9 Drive and Distortion

Greer Amps

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The Greer Amps No. 9 is one of our simpler designs.  Featuring a 4558 type chip, this pedal utilizes diode clipping, to produce crunchy, fuzzy tones. Some people use this pedal to achieve M*rsh*ll type tone, others use it for light gain, and some like to dime everything out, and bring out the rock face.

This pedal features 3 controls.  The top left control (ramp) is the volume control, the middle control (bent line) is a "shelf" control.  This control allows the user to control the gain and treble.  We refer to it as a "shelf" control, because it pushes both the treble and gain higher, as it is increased.  The top right control (jagged waveform) is the gain control, and interacts with the shelf control.

  • Unique, simple circuit!
  • Features "shelf" control that increases gain and treble, as well as gain, and volume controls!
  • Can sound M*rsh*ll-like, or even fuzz-like, depending on the player and guitar!
  • Can be powered by a 9V battery or standard 2.1mm neg. center 9V power adapter!